Aaron Williams Joins MapD as VP of Global Community

We’re excited to announce our newest addition to the MapD executive team. Aaron Williams joins us today as VP of Global Community, responsible for fostering our growing developer, user and open source communities. He will lead our team of developer advocates and community managers.

Aaron is an industry veteran in the building and growth of software communities, having led ecosystem efforts for some of software’s most familiar platforms. He previously led the open source launch and growth of Mesosphere’s DC/OS, ran the Java Community Process for Sun Microsystems, and created and ran the Enterprise Services Community at SAP. He is also a startup veteran, having served as the founding CEO of two companies in the entertainment space.

“MapD’s technology is extraordinary – their GPU database is one of the very rare inventions that revolutionizes an existing space by several orders of magnitude,” said Aaron. “But it was their courageous decision in May to open source the core technology that changed the game. I’m eager to join MapD and the community at this inflection point, and help drive their next wave of innovation and growth.”

“At MapD, the success of our community members is core to our company mission,” said Todd Mostak, co-founder and CEO of MapD. “Hiring Aaron, with his depth of community accomplishments and startup experience, is another demonstration of our commitment to that mission. I’m excited to have Aaron’s guidance and leadership for all of our community efforts, and I know the community will appreciate his focus and drive.”

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