crepl and c3e at Dutch Clojure Days 2017

25 Mar 2017

Today was the 2017 edition of Dutch Clojure Days (DCD17) , the annual international gathering of Clojure enthusiasts and practitioners in the Netherlands. At DCD17 I presented a lightning talk about crepl.

crepl is a collaborative editor written in Clojure and ClojureScript. It’s like Google Docs where you can also run the ClojureScript you write in the browser. And by usingatom sync you can also keep state in sync with each browser running the code, which is useful when working on code with UIs. These previous blogposts have more information about crepl and its features:

As with Google Docs, in crepl you edit a single file with multiple people at once. A natural progression is an editor in the browser when you can work on a project with multiple files. As part of my lightning talk at DCD17 I also showed c3e:

c3e: Collaborative Clojure(Script) Cloud Editor

Editing a Clojure & ClojureScript project together in a browser with c3e.

Withc3e you can work together on multiple files in a browsers. You can also fork, import and export your projects.

To run the code in your project in c3e you can use c3e-file-sink. c3e-file-sink is a jar file that syncs up a folder on your local machine or server and keeps in sync with everybody’s edits in the project editor in the browser. Instructions on how to set this up are in this repo: c3e-support

Try c3e

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